Learn the Lingo: Halo

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What's a halo? Most people think of a crown surrounding the head of a saint, prophet or angel. In the jewelry world, a halo refers to a circle of diamonds surrounding the center stone of a ring.

Sometimes, a halo will be made from colored gemstones, or small metal designs like in this custom engagement ring, which has a beaded halo:

Christine Alaniz Designs round bezel engagement ring with a beaded halo and twist shank

You can have more than one halo in the same ring. This round brilliant diamond is surrounded by a cushion-shaped double halo.

Christine Alaniz Designs cushion double halo engagement ring with a pavé shank

Setting styles can vary in halo rings. This halo ring has a half bezel setting for the small pavé diamonds. Fun, right?

Christine Alaniz Designs platinum and round diamond engagement ring, set in a bezel with a scalloped halo

Halos are a great way to add a little extra sparkle, emphasize your center stone, and give the illusion of a larger center diamond. Do you love halo rings?


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