"Christine has been an amazing jeweler to work with. I was always hesitant to go forward with jewelry purchases because its such an expensive and emotional experience. Because of her, I was able to overcome that. She is very professional and is able to take my vision and exceed my expectations with the final product. For my wedding anniversary we worked to repurpose my engagement ring to fit more of my style (a decade + later) and I am so happy with it! When you want to treat yourself and have a fun experience, go to Christine! She is incredibly talented in her art and you will end up with something you will cherish forever."

Anabell J.


"I’ve been on the hunt for the most perfect Virgin de Guadalupe pendant and I could find nothing in stores. I reached out to Christine and immediately felt heard and understood when I described my wishes. This is my first custom piece of jewelry and it won’t be my last! The meaning behind the Virgin is truly sentimental, paired with the customization of my grandfather’s last name with a beautiful desert background, representing the sweet Arizona skyline. This is such a treasured piece, made of exquisite quality, that I’ll be able to pass down for generations to come. The cherry on top was the gorgeous roses, eight of them to signify every member of my immediate family. The craftsmanship and attention to detail exceed expectations and the ease of communication to convey all my wishes truly made this process so easy. Thank you Christine! I love my custom pendant and can’t wait to work with you again!"

Jenn R.


"I couldn't be happier with my ring! It turned out elegant and unique just as I wanted!! I loved being able to repurpose family stones and give them a second life. I'm already looking forward to designing my custom wedding band! Thanks so much Christine. Love you!"

Rosie J.

"Going into this, my biggest challenge was finding something that fit my aesthetic. I'm a very difficult person when it comes to things like jewelry and clothing, and I can never find anything ready-made that I like. So, I felt really overwhelmed about purchasing wedding rings! Being able to be a part of the process was the best part for me. The fact that I came to you with abstract ideas and few keywords, and the very first designs you sent me were exactly what I was trying to convey, that amazed me. And just from a technical standpoint, the fact we did the entire design process remotely (because covid...) and you managed to create a chevron design for my band that fit PERFECTLY with my engagement ring - like fit as if they were made as a set - was also incredible to me.  My experience was so wonderful and the entire process was fun, and not stressful at all. If you want jewelry that is as unique as you, definitely work with Christine on making those dreams come true."

Jess G.


"I hadn't bought jewelry in a while. To be honest, I assumed she'd leave me after two years, so making it this far is great. The traditional fourth anniversary gift is fruit and flowers. I wanted something with more staying power (since we'd inevitably kill a living plant) so jewelry was an easy decision because it's meaningful, and it lasts. I had kind of a half baked idea of what a flower ring could look like, and I was concerned about the dimensionality and comfort of the ring. I was struck by how you took my idea and made it beautiful without being ostentatious; it 100% fits my wife's style. I love how you used four diamonds to signify the years we've been married. While you could have grouped them together, I think there are layers of symbolism in the fact that they're evenly spaced out, and go around the ring in an eternity style. The quality is top level, and the process was so easy. You took my cocktail napkin level idea and made it a reality, and it was effortless."

Alex O.


"Since I'm not a frequent jewelry purchaser, I initially had some anxiety in regards to materials, cost, the design process, etc. After the initial consultation about making my custom bracelet, I felt so comfortable and confident that I didn't even consider looking elsewhere. Once I received the renderings, I could see that you really understood what I wanted. Anyone can draw, but to make it work in three dimensions is totally different. You created the exact representation of what I had in mind. I loved that there were options for me to choose from, and I could truly see what the bracelet would look like as a finished piece. That eased my decision making process, and I really appreciated that I could combine the design options into one final, perfect cuff bracelet."

Dana K.


"Originally, I wanted to make a mother's ring with birthstones. I also had diamond jewelry from my mother and my mother-in-law laying around, but I was planning on saving those pieces for my kids. After I talked to my kids, though, it turned out that they didn't actually want those pieces of jewelry. So, I decided to take the diamonds and have them turned into something for myself. I love all of your jewelry, and the hardest part of the whole process was that I couldn't choose which design was my favorite. When I received my finished jewelry I was delighted that I now had a part of my mom back with me. I wear my necklace and halo earrings every day. Instead of that jewelry collecting dust, now I have my mom with me, watching over me."

Danielle G.


"My husband Pat and I asked Christine to custom design a ring to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Christine did not disappoint! She designed the most beautiful ruby and diamond ring with a vintage vibe. She was so easy to work with always attentive to our every request. I have received so many compliments and I will treasure this ring always. Can't wait to see what Christine designs for our 50th!"

Diane and Pat C.


"Fast and easy to work with! Got the cutest baptism bracelet for my niece. I will be back for something in the near future!"

Catherine S.


"I own a few pieces designed by Christine and I love them! My husband and I had our wedding bands created by her and the process was so smooth and lovely. She really cares about what her clients are picturing and uses her expertise to give you what you are dreaming of. My husband got a plain platinum band while I opted for a full pave diamond ring that had a triangular profile- it’s simple and modern and I adore it!

I also self purchased earlier this year from her collections shop- I follow her Instagram and fell in love with the Darkling Spike pendant. It’s modern and cool and I couldn’t be happier. I’m looking forward to my next custom piece (hopefully something to celebrate the birth of my daughter!)

You can definitely trust Christine with giving you the special touch to commemorate those important occasions.

Rebecca R.


"I purchased directly from the site. Earrings were shipped quickly in a pretty box and protective package. The workmanship is lovely and I couldn’t be happier."

VelRey L.


"LOVE Christine’s designs! I have a custom mood ring from Christine that I wear almost every day. She was able to take my inspiration and create the perfect ring!"

Julia H.


"Christine designed the most beautiful sapphire ring, so I ended up ordering two of them, one for myself and one for my daughter!"

Susan A.


"Christine does amazing work. She has recreated a ring my grandmother used to wear for me, that I now wear daily. She has also made custom bracelets for my nieces to wear on their wedding days using stones from my grandmother’s engagement ring... passing them along to the 4th generation ! !"

Jeannine R.

"Christine designs the most beautiful jewelry - presented as gifts for my daughter and daughter-in-law. Christine provided a personal touch while I was making my selections, and was even able to tell me what pieces they already had so I did not duplicate!"

Barb E.


"I can't say enough good things about our experience working with Christine. After searching countless jewelers for the perfect engagement ring and not finding quite what we were looking for, Christine was able to take the elements of each ring I liked and meld them together in a seamless way. She provided several beautiful designs up front and was wonderfully responsive to every little adjustment we wanted. We ended up with the most perfect emerald cut moonstone surrounded by vintage inspired filigree. To this day I catch myself just staring at it. Of course we went back to Christine for our wedding bands and even my bridal earrings. They all coordinate beautifully! Christine is the best! Truly an artist and a lovely person to work with!"

Kat P.

"When my grandmother passed last year, I was given one of her rings, which I loved! The problem was that it wasn't high quality, and after a few weeks of wear, it was starting to turn noticeably orange. I commissioned Christine to create a replica of the ring in sterling silver so I could wear it every day to remember my grandma without having to worry about wearing it out. She did a great job! The replica looks just like the original, but it's ready for long-term wear. The turnaround time was so quick, and the price was really reasonable. I'd recommend Christine's work to anyone (and I have)!"

Jordan S.

"I was referred to Christine from a friend and I could not be happier! I gave her a couple of ideas of what I was looking for and the engagement ring she designed is absolutely astonishing! My fiancé and I will be purchasing our wedding bands from Christine. We are happy to help support her business! THANK YOU!"

Nicholas C.

"Christine designed a special piece for me for my 60th birthday. I wanted something simple that I would wear daily, so she designed a delicate monogrammed necklace. It's perfect! She's a delight to work with and I look forward to future collaborations!"

Anita B.

"As the proud owner of nearly two dozen (yes, you read correctly) pieces of jewelry from this small business, I can say (with gumption!) that working with Christine is an absolute pleasure. Not only am I the proud owner of many designs, giving this jewelry as a gift so many times has proved exciting for my friends and family too! Each time I wear Christine Alaniz Designs the compliments roll in - and I can't stop ranting (bragging)! When it comes to custom requests, Christine's intuition is second to none. The organic elements in her collections are timeless AND unique. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing or designing something special with this amazing jeweler. You will not be disappointed."

-Maria A.

"I can’t recommend Christine enough! She took my idea and designed a piece more beautiful than I could have imagined. She’s responsive, straight forward, and most importantly she does great work!"

-Alex S.

"Christine created a custom 40th anniversary ring that is stunningly elegant and reflects the highest standard of taste and craftsmanship. She is brilliant and talented. Working with gold and rubies from two rings inherited from my mother, I asked Christine to create a ring that would be both old and new: honoring both my mother’s memory and expressing my enduring love in a long marriage. I wanted an immediate heirloom in a timeless style my wife would wear every day, which would show the stones to best advantage but mounted with complete security because of their sentimental, and monetary, value. Setting vintage stones requires skill that not every designer has.

It had to be a surprise, Christine and I had to collaborate mostly by email, and there was a tight schedule. I poured over her original designs online which showcased her technique, and I picked two that had aspects I liked.  She quickly produced photograph-like, highly detailed images of my stones set in two ring designs adapted from those prototypes. The images were so precisely representative with the stones exactly proportioned and the subtle gold work so detailed, it was as if she had already made two rings and had them professionally photographed. We agreed without hesitation which variation expressed the essence of what I was going for, so Christine got to work, delivered ahead of schedule, returned to me the bits from the old rings that she did not use, and, had it been necessary, would have sized the ring after the anniversary. (sizing is an important consideration. Christine was able to get this exactly right based on minimal information and her experience, but she had also designed the band to allow for adjustment.)  The process was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. And yes, my wife loves the ring and considers me a genius. But Christine deserves the credit."

-Thomas N.

"Thanks so much for this! It was absolutely a pleasure working with you as well! We love the ring. It's fantastic!"

-Chris L.

"I have several pieces of jewelry from Christine - I love them all! My husband had her design my custom engagement ring, which led me to her website, and now I just keep adding to my collection of Christine Alaniz jewelry! She is easy to work with and makes your piece just the way you want it."

-Tania E.

"I have several pieces made by Christine, most of which I wear every day. The designs and quality are impeccable. She is brilliant. I can't get enough of her jewelry."

-Rita Z.

"I have purchased several pieces from Christine, including our wedding bands and matching earrings for our bridal party. Couldn’t be happier with the quality and designs of everything. Looking forward to our next purchase from her! Customer for life!"

-Liz M.

"Christine makes the most beautiful jewelry. She will work with you (and within your budget) to give you a custom piece that you'll be thrilled to wear yourself or give to a loved one. She has made engagement rings, wedding bands, and other custom pieces for several of my friends and family, and they all love their Christine designs."

-Michael A.

"Christine creates unique, stunning jewelry with amazing craftsmanship! Absolutely LOVE!"

-Erica O.