Gemstone Love: Mood Stones

Christine Alaniz Designs moon stone cabochon gemstones

What is a mood stone, anyway? Most mood stones are acrylic cabochons, typically round or oval in shape, that have a thermotropic liquid crystal coating on the base of the stone. This coating changes color in reaction to the temperature of your body as you're wearing your mood ring.

Care and Cleaning

  • Since mood stones are usually made of acrylic or glass, you'll want to treat them gently. Avoid extreme temperature swings and immersing your mood stone in water.
  • Mood rings can be difficult to size, so double check your finger size before ordering.

Christine Alaniz Designs Darkling Mood Stone Rings


Christine Alaniz Designs Darkling Mood Stone Ring and custom diamond engagement ring

Everyone has been searching for a sophisticated, grown-up version of a moon stone ring.  I added two mood stone rings to my shop this week. Round or oval ... pick your favorite!


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