"The Modern Marketer" at UArts

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I attended a lecture at the University of the Arts last night entitled "The Modern Marketer: a discussion on what it means to work in today's digital landscape." This event was a panel discussion led by Alisha Miranda, and featured Suzanne Cotter, Swabreen Bakr, and Ashley Bernard.

They discussed SEO, building content calendars, researching trends, content pillars, decks, metrics, Google analytics certification, and so many other terms that I could barely take notes fast enough! My favorite part of the night was hearing specific details about each of these women's workdays, and how they've been able to learn, adjust and alter their careers over the years to better reflect their goals. So inspiring!

At the end of the event, I went up to thank the speakers for taking the time to share their experiences with us, and introduced myself as "a jeweler, who does social media for my company." Ashley coyly replied "So ... you're a digital marketer!" It helps to get a little reminder that all the little business skills I'm picking up along the way are truly valuable.

If you're an artist living in the Philadelphia area, check out the Corzo Center programming at the University of the Arts! I've attended a number of really helpful (and free!) events hosted by UArts.


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