Statement Earring Inspiration: Designing the Magnolia Circle Drops

My favorite everyday earrings are the Magnolia Stud Earrings. Based on the center pistil of the magnolia flower, these studs are geometric and high-contrast, yet simple and small. I love them so much that I wanted to create a more dramatic version for going out at night. I envisioned large dangle earrings with a radial pattern and a simple French wire ear hook at the top.

I milled the first prototype of the Magnolia Circle Drop Earrings, and decided that the simple spoke design wasn't cohesive enough with the center of the earrings. This test wax confirmed that the size and weight would work well, though.

I decided to add more defined kite-shaped spokes, and a patterned outer border that echoed the central design of the earrings.

Christine Alaniz Designs waxes of the Magnolia Circle Drop Earrings

I sketched several new versions on paper, then went back to revise the CAD. After all these years of designing with CAD, I still sketch in my notebook first. I've been using a super simplified bullet journal to keep my calendar, notes, to-do lists, and sketches all in one place. Bonus of an analog system? My notebook never needs to be charged.

After I settled on a design I was happy with, I milled new waxes and prepped them for casting.

The second version of the Magnolia Circle Drop Earrings is very much improved! You can see these are still in the rough, cast form. I'll tumble, high polish, and blacken these earrings to finish them.

Christine Alaniz Designs Magnolia Circle Earrings raw castings in sterling silver


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