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On October 1st, WJA Philly hosted a talk and live demonstration with engraver Tira Mitchell. This was one of our best WJA talks so far! Tira talked about her history as an engraver, working at trade shows, and running a business with her husband. She also gave us an in-depth look at her work bench set-up, and a magnificently zoomed in engraving demonstration.

About Tira

"Tira started engraving in 1994 working on motorcycles in Fairfield, California. Inspired by mater engravers through the Firearm Engravers Guild of America, Tira expanded her work to a host of unique projects. Engraver.com was founded in 1996 and was originally dedicated to Tira's custom engraving. Now it offers the newest and most innovative hand engraving tools."

You can learn more about her business here.

Christine Alaniz Designs - Tira Mitchell Hand Engraving with WJA


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