Protea Plug Earrings

custom jewelry

Alastair Blake Peters, a fellow artist and former classmate from the Tyler School of Art, reached out to me requesting a pair of custom plug earrings. I laid out a spiraling fern design, based on the Fibonacci sequence, as a jumping off point for our design discussion.

Fibonacci sequence fern plug earring design

After reviewing the initial images, he sent me a couple of inspiration images demonstrating the radial patterns and dark, subtle coloration that he was drawn to. He also mentioned that he really admired my Protea Collection, and would love to see a plug design based on the Protea Amulet.

So, for the second round of designs I created these plugs as a variation on my necklace. He wanted a dark, semi-matte finish which I accomplished by applying several thin layers of oxidation, and ending with a satin finish.

Protea plug earrings in sterling silver with a radial pattern based on the King Protea flower

Interested in a custom piece of jewelry? Send me a message through my Contact Page.

Alastair wearing his custom sterling silver plug earrings

Want to see what Alastair is creating? Check out his website:


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