Learn the Lingo: Miracle Head

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A miracle head, or illusion head, is a design specifically created to alter how a gemstone appears. A miracle head can be designed to make a stone look larger, or to make a stone look like a different shaped stone. Below is an example of a ring I designed where a round center diamond is set into a larger, cushion-shaped box. This alters how the stone appears to a casual observer.


Christine Alaniz Desiigns two tone ring. The cushion-shaped 14kt white gold miracle head halo features a single round brilliant diamond, and the cathedral shank is in 14kt yellow gold, and is high polished.

Often, a miracle head will have a fluted or scalloped design that mimics the facets of the center store in order to create a more believable illusion.

The fluting or detailing around the stone can vary, but the center will often be set with prongs rather than a bezel. This helps the stone blend into the metal behind it, and look more like one large center stone.

Christine Alaniz Designs 14kt white gold diamond earrings. These miracle head earrings have a round brilliant diamond center, a halo of metal, an airline, and then a pavé halo around the outside edge.

Miracle or illusion settings emphasize your center stone just like halos.They are a great way to add a little extra sparkle and give the illusion of a larger center diamond.


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