His & His Hammered Cuff Bracelets

custom jewelry

My client asked me to create a tough, hammered cuff bracelet as a Christmas gift for his boyfriend. To start this project, we examined and measured some of his boyfriend's bracelets to figure out the right size. I decided that it would be easiest and fastest to design the basic shape in CAD, mill it in wax, then carve a hammered texture in the wax.

Christine Alaniz Designs CAD layout for a cuff bracelet

I used a large ball burr to mimic the texture marks that a planishing hammer would produce on the surface of the metal. After I laid out the hammered texture, my client reviewed the bracelet. At this point in the custom design process, he liked it so much that he decided he needed a bracelet for himself too!

Christine Alaniz Designs hammered cuff bracelet wax

We decided to go with brass, a copper-based alloy that is very yellow in color. After tumbling and high-polishing these bracelets, I gold-plated them. A heavy gold plate ensures that the metal will be non-reactive, and gives the finished piece a rich, lustrous gold color.


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