Custom Jewelry for Her Mother’s Birthday

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Livy mentioned to me that her mother had an old yellow gold and amethyst gemstone ring that was gathering dust in her jewelry box. Her mother didn't wear it anymore because it seemed a little outdated; she wears white gold jewelry these days. Livy wanted to breathe new life into the family heirloom, and as a fine custom jeweler, I helped her do exactly that! We decided to create a new one-of-a-kind ring in 14kt white gold that Livy and her siblings could give to their mother as a birthday gift.


Christine Alaniz Designs Custom Jewelry Oval Amethyst and White Gold Ring
The Jewelry Design Process

I've designed a number of delicate filigree rings, and Livy showed me several photographs from my Instagram feed that have a vintage charm she likes. We decided to create a simple solitaire ring for her mother's heirloom gemstone, with swirling filigree that wraps around the amethyst and becomes the prongs that set the stone in place.

After Livy reviewed my initial CAD designs, she requested that the stone be set a little lower. A lower ring is usually more comfortable for your favorite everyday jewelry, so I adjusted the design to make it as low as possible. I also designed this ring with double prongs, which are more protective of the precious gemstone and makes for a more secure ring. Perfect for everyday wear!

Christine Alaniz Designs oval amethyst mother's ring

Once Livy approved the final design, I proceeded to finishing the ring. We went with a classic, high polished finish on the gold.

Livy says, “I love it. It’s beautiful!”


Christine Alaniz Designs Custom Jewelry Oval Amethyst and White Gold Ring

Custom Jewelry for Mom

Are you interested in creating custom jewelry for Mom? It would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Send me a message on Facebook, Instagram, or through my Contact Page. I’m happy to answer any questions!

If you know exactly what you want, you can fill out my Custom Design Form, and I’ll get back to you with your very own CAD renderings.


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