Creating New Jewelry from Old Jewelry

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 Christine Alaniz Designs - Heirloom Redesign, Finished Birthstone Ring

Can You Make New Jewelry from Old Jewelry?

The answer is YES! I can take gemstones out of your old jewelry and remount them into a new piece. Pick a piece of jewelry from my website and we'll set your stone into it. Or, we can create something totally new and unique for your heirloom gems. We can also recycle your silver, gold, or platinum metal and put the proceeds towards this project.

Reasons for Redesigning Your Jewelry

There are tons of reasons you might want to re-purpose your old jewelry, including:

  • Update the style of your jewelry
  • Move on from an old relationship or marriage
  • Keep heirloom diamonds and gemstones in the family
  • Be environmentally conscious by reusing gemstones and diamonds

How do I Make New Jewelry with My Gemstones?

Send me a message through my Contact Page. Once I have images of your jewelry and/or gemstones, and an idea of how big they are, we can start the process of creating your custom jewelry! Here are a few images of the process:

Christine Alaniz Designs - Heirloom Redesign

Customer's original rings and diamonds

Christine Alaniz Designs - Heirloom Redesign, CAD Rendering

Computer rendering of the finalized design

Christine Alaniz Designs - Heirloom Redesign, Finished Birthstone Ring

The finished birthstone ring with heirloom diamonds, emerald, and garnet

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