Book Review: How to Create Your Own Jewelry Line

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Emilie Shapiro - How to Start Your Own Jewelry Line

The Philadelphia Chapter of the Women's Jewelry Association is encouraging its members to share their favorite books related to the metals and jewelry industry. This year, I shared Emilie Shapiro's How to Create Your Own Jewelry Line. It's a book I wish I had read while I was still in college, or at least before I started up my small business!

Now, I always bring it up when I meet a jeweler struggling to start their own small jewelry business. There are lots of tips and tricks that are super helpful for those of us who went to art (not business!) school, including:

  • Taxes and Licenses
  • Professional Development
  • Designing for Production
  • Pricing Your Jewelry to Sell
  • Setting Up a Jewelry Studio
...and much more. This is perfect for artists creating handmade jewelry who are just starting out as solo entrepreneurs. Highly recommended!

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