A Guide to Jewelry Settings for Center Stones

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Bezel Setting

The Camille Ring shows a bezel set center diamond. A bezel setting means there's a wall of metal holding the stone in place. It's the most secure setting because there's a solid wall of metal supporting and hugging the stone.

Christine Alaniz Designs - Camille Ring

Four-Prong Setting

The Alyssa Ring shows a round diamond with four prongs. This style of setting is often referred to as a four-prong box. There's less metal here, so more of the focus is on the center stone. Variations on this style can have six prongs, eight prongs, etc.

Christine Alaniz Designs - Alyssa Engagement Ring

Four-Prong Setting Oval with Halo

The Eliza Ring shows an oval diamond set with four prongs, but this time with a halo surrounding the stone. The halo really changes the look of a ring, right?

Christine Alaniz Designs - Eliza Engagement Ring

Illusion Plate

The Lillian Ring shows a more vintage style. There are eight tiny prongs on a flat surface of metal. This style is often referred to as an illusion plate or a miracle head, because it's designed to make your stone look larger than it actually is.

Christine Alaniz Designs - Lillian Engagement Ring

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